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Life Coach, Shorombo Mooij
Burnout prevention and recovery

A step-by-step program to prevent or recover from burn-out

I personally have experienced how impactful a burn-out can be but I also know that a burn-out can be a great opportunity for growth.


In most cases, in hindsight, the signals were already there but most of the time prior to burning out we are not aware of them. To be able to prevent a burn-out it is crucial that you recognize and acknowledge the signals and take action. In the end, it all comes down to taking good care of yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally.

I spot the signals easily because I have been where you are. If you suspect that you might be heading for a burn-out, please take a moment to do the burn-out prevention test and I will give you my feedback. 

What you will get:

  • A Lifestyle Assessment to asses your current situation

  • A concrete strategy and roadmap to prevent or recover from burn-out

  • Guidance on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle to support your recovery

  • Coaching on personal development and reflection



Life Coach, Shorombo Mooij, Sho Coach
Burnout prevention and recovery

A holistic  program focused on creating a lasting lifestyle change

We all know that a health lifestyle is important but many struggle to make it a reality. Knowing is one thing but converting it into a sustainable lifestyle is another. This program is aimed at helping you do exactly that! Through this program, you will address all aspects of health and start creating and integrating new habits into your life.

What you will get:

  • Lifestyle Scan consisting of

    • Measurement of stress balance

    • Measurement of sleep duration and quality

    • Measurement of Fitness Level

    • Lifestyle Evaluation

    • Review of nutritional and exercise habits

  • A nutritional plan and approach

  • A training and/or exercise plan

  • Digital learning program on health

  • Support through Lifestyle Coaching

Life Coach, Shorombo Mooij
more insight into yourself

A hands-on personal development program aimed at helping you towards your ideal lifestyle

Are you unhappy with the way you are living your life right now but feel kind of stuck and don’t know how to change it? This is the right program for you!

A step-by-step approach where by combining regular coaching consults with a digital learning and coaching program you’ll get a cohesive program which will help you transform your life!


What you will get:

  • New insights into who you are, who you want to be and what lifestyle you envision

  • Insights into what is impeding you from getting results

  • Assignments and tools that will help you design the life you envision

  • A road map to making this vision a reality

  • An evaluation and reflection process to help you stay on your path

  • Periodical life coaching consults do discuss your progress

the programs I offer

My services are all characterized by a high degree of personal attention and an integrative approach. I guide my clients quite extensively to help them get real and sustainable results.

Why I do what I do

After suffering a burn-out in 2011 I decided to radically transform my life. I had been through my share of life events already and I decided that I would take all the personal experience and share it with whoever could benefit from it and help others transform their lives. It is my aim to help as many people as I can live fulfilling lives which leave them feeling energic and alive. Don’t settle for merely an existence, go for what really makes you happy. Maximize your life!

for whom

It seems like nowadays we don’t really know what makes us happy anymore. We pursue the wrong things which leave us feeling depressed and even burn-out. These are real societal problems in this day and age. To everybody who feels overwhelmed, unfulfilled or stuck I say, this is for you! I am here and I want to help you turn it around.


why I can help you

I know how helpless you can feel, I know how desperate you can feel but I also know that you can turn it around and use it to fuel your personal growth. I use all my personal experience in coaching my clients which allows me to connect with them in a unique way. I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I know that beautiful things are awaiting you. 

I have transformed my life in various areas and I have since expanded on my personal experience with knowledge of all aspects of health and happiness. I am a typical lifelong learner and have taken all that I know about nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, sleep, stress, and personal development and poured it into my coaching programs. Furthermore, I am very much a systemic thinker which helps me deliver all of this knowledge in a logical and cohesive manner so that you can optimally benefit from it. My aim is to help people apply what they learn and create real changes.


My strengths are my observational skills, empathy, and human-oriented approach and my never-ending positive mindset. Wherever you see problems I can't help but see possibilities and I will help you see them too! Are you ready?

Tell me how I can help you

Life Coach, Shorombo Mooij, Sho Coach

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