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the 5 foundations

Stap 1. vertel mij over je situatie

What does this look like in practice?

The first step is to clarify where you stand. So we will first start by mapping out what your situation looks like and what your objective is. During our first conversation we will discuss this in more detail so that I have a good idea of how I can best help you. You then get access to my online coaching environment in which I set up a tailor-made program for you. By means of online contact moments, feedback, interactive assignments and supported information, I can provide you with maximum support and you will see that you will soon experience change. We combine this with unlimited periodic coaching consultations and check-in conversations so that we can go even deeper into the matter. This gives your coaching a completely different dimension and do you actually have someone who guides you all the way? How nice would that be?


Faster and sustainable results

The effect of this approach is that you will see results faster than with traditional coaching and that you are actually making lasting changes. And it's fun too! With the help of my online environment, you will acquire knowledge and insight and you will receive concrete tools and assignments that help you to immediately apply everything you learn. Not only will I help you achieve your results, you will also learn how to continue doing this yourself once your coaching process has ended. 

Stap 2. kijk of er een match is

Natuurlijk wil je weten over een match is. Er moet een bepaald gevoel tussen jou en mij zijn, een vertrouwen. De volgende stap is dus om een online kennismakingsgesprek in te roosteren.  Gedurende dit gesprek gaan we nog wat dieper in op jouw situatie, wat je zoekt en kan ik je terugkoppelen of en zoja, hoe ik je kan helpen. Een kennismakingsgesprek duurt ongeveer 40 minuten en is natuurlijk vrijblijvend en gratis.

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