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I help you design a way of working and living that helps you to get the best out of business and life

High Performance Lifestyle Coaching

More than 50 5 star reviews on Google!

​​More than 700 hours of coaching

A unique and proven methodology

Integrative life, business and lifestyle coaching

Not just "a coach" but also expert by experience

As an entrepreneur or high performer, you are different. You are not the norm. You strive to get the best out of yourself and your life and are willing to go all in for that.

You are not someone who settles.

You want freedom, autonomy, a good life, and success in what you do. You take risks because to you this is the only way to live. It challenges you, it energizes you, and you love it!

But this also brings unique challenges with it. That’s why a lot of people like you have a coach.

Someone to spar with, who understands what makes you tick and doesn't try to convince you to want less or to settle for less, but instead helps you find ways to get the best out of yourself. In every aspect of your life.

This is where I come in.

I help people like you design a way of living and working that helps them achieve their best. That means I help them:

  • Design a lifestyle that supports them physically, emotionally, and mentally,

  • Develop a new way of thinking that enables them to integrate success, health, and happiness,

  • Create new habits for personal effectiveness, productivity, health, happiness, and success.

Welcome to the world of High Performance Lifestyle Coaching.


your coach in life and business

how i can help you

I am your sparring partner in business and life

I am your mentor

For an entrepreneur, business and private life are often intertwined. As a fellow high-performer and entrepreneur, I know the unique challenges and opportunities this brings. I am your sparring partner and coach for both business and life and help you transform challenges.

I help you become more effective

I am your High Performance Coach

I help you develop powerful habits, routines and ways of thinking and behaving that help you become more effective, make better decisions with less stress and overwhelm and more control and focus.

I help you ensure your health

I am your Lifestyle Coach

Entrepreneurship is in many ways like a top-tier sport and demands a lot from you. I help you design a lifestyle that maintains optimal mental, physical, and emotional health, ensuring you have the mental clarity and energy to be your best self every day, both at work and in life.

I help you align your life

I am your Life Coach

Ultimately, we all want to feel good about ourselves and the way we live. I will help you keep the bigger picture in mind and ensure that you create your life in alignment with these desires and values, so that you will not only enjoy business and financial success, but also feel fulfilled and happy.

want to know more?

Do you want to know if I can help you? Here's how to take the next step.

  1. Schedule an intake meeting

  2. Based on an intake form, we discuss your situation and goals

  3. I'll draft a personalized plan for you

what my customers say about me


I managed to earn back my investment in the coaching program fivefold!

"I have been working with Shorombo for about 3 months now and together we have made some great progress. Amongst other things we focused on optimizing some business matters. As a result I managed to earn back my investment in the coaching program fivefold! Very much looking forward to what the next 6 months in 2022 will bring..."

Bart van Horssen


"Because I see more and more of the High Impact Activities and put them in my to-do management system, I can also make choices more easily, which makes it easier for me to determine and plan the milestones. Because I regain control of this, I also see that I can achieve the goals I can achieve the goals I set for myself and therefore get into action mode."

Imre van Well


A Game Changer for Planning and Time Management"

"Shorombo helped me out to get more efficiency in my planning, better time-management and new insights in looking to priorities. It helped me to make a next step to get more out of my day/week/month! If your looking for more quality out of your day thanks to better habits and time-management: Shorombo can really help you with a new structure and helpfull tips"

Caspar Kortekaas

I want to know if this is for me.


Thanks to the coaching process, I achieved both goals and went well beyond them. . I feel like a rich person who can take on the world! I recommend Shorombo and his coaching to everyone."


this is how it works

To get the most out of yourself without compromising your physical or mental health, you need a lifestyle that supports your ambitions. This is what they call a  High Performance Lifestyle

With a High Performance Lifestyle, the approach is to live at the highest level in all areas of your life.


The basis of a good life rests on the fact that you let personal happiness and business success go hand in hand. That is why I work with an integrated approach in which we jointly examine the dynamics of you, your company and your life. I use a unique framework with which I help you develop routines and habits in the work, lifestyle and private areas that you can apply and integrate into your daily life.

The ultimate goal is to help you design a lifestyle that helps you get the best out of your life in all areas

You experience maximum focus, clarity, decisiveness and that translates into more results and less stress

You experience more peace and a sense of control and less overwhelm and stress

You have more mental space and start to once again see possibilities everywhere

This also translates into more results and important changes in business or professional success.

You feel energetic, vital and you wake up every day looking forward to the day!

Your life is in balance and you enjoy both business success and things outside of it

I want to know if this is for me.

Are you enthusiastic but do you still have doubts and would you like to speak to me personally first? Which can! Schedule a Free Consultation here.

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"I didn't expect it to have such a big impact, not only on a private level but also on a business level.

Our coaching conversation has made me work so much more streamlined and my goals have never been so clear. "

- Kelvin Silvius


"When I was working towards a burnout, I came to Shorombo. He helped me get out of this (negative) system and gave clear guidelines to get back to myself. Shorombo is a motivator and helps you to look back at yourself and discover aspects that you would not discover yourself. He is positive, direct, listens well and proactive in his actions and the actions for you as a customer. He knows how to simplify situations that are complex for you and make them clear All this resulted in a new energy, new working environment, new friends and a lot of positivity. I definitely recommend Shorombo for you as a High Performance Lifecoach."

- Peter Overgauw


"Shorombo is really a class act!

He teaches you how to focus properly and helps you break certain old patterns. Shorombo ensures that you don't keep making excuses for yourself and finally take the steps you need to take. He offers you positivity and clarity."

- Reinier van der Berg

I want to know if this is for me.

why my customers choose me

My clients often look for a coach who understands the big picture, someone who is not just a lifestyle coach, a business coach or a life coach, but who can guide them holistically and integrally. They also like the fact that I am not someone who is just book smart, but who speaks from experience and actually embodies what I "preach".

Everything in your life is interconnected and you want someone who understands you, someone who is also a high performer and entrepreneur and understands your challenges, but above all also understands what your intrinsic desires and needs are.

I am not just a coach, I am also an expert by experience

I'm an entrepreneur and a high performer, just like you

I know how to keep an eye on the bigger picture AND get things done

I am a strategic thinker with a unique ability to translate this into practical actions.

I live what I preach and am an endless source of knowledge and inspiration.

I am a "Yes you can man" and always see possibilities

I am known for my "big picture thinking" and my very pragmatic approach, turning inspiration into action and delivering lasting results. I have a talent for quickly understanding the bigger picture, identifying pain points and visualizing the path to a solution.

I draw from my own personal experience and am an expert in health and lifestyle. As a lifelong learner and scholar in the fields of life, business and health hacking, I bring a unique blend of expertise and experience.

But my greatest strength is my ability to help you create more awareness around what you do, develop new insights, learn new habits and successfully convert them into lifelong habits and rituals for both business and personal life. This combination is the key behind sustainable behavioral change.

Do you want to know if this is something for you?

Let's talk!

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