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about me

Life coach, Sho Coach, Amsterdam

I have been through many transformations myself in areas that many people nowadays struggle with. I have gone from overweight to fitness and lifestyle expert. I have gone from an unfulfilling job to doing something I'm passionate about. I have turned around my finances and enriched myself on a spiritual as well as an emotional level. My own transformation has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge and nowadays I share this to help others in their journey


My story in a nutshell

Until 2011, I was working in financial services. I had a 9 to 5 job, I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, weighed over 100kg and was earning a pretty decent living. But there was a problem. I was utterly miserable; always stressed out and feeling completely empty inside. Deep down, I knew that I had turned astray and that this wasn't a life that aligned with me at all. Inevitably this led to a burn-out. Before burning out, during my twenties, I had also suffered a severe depression. In hindsight, these experiences were a blessing in disguise and have played a big role in becoming who I am today. It forced me to dive deep into myself which in turn led me on the path of self-development and health. When I turned 30 I realized that because of this ordeals I had accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge about themes that a lot of young adults struggle with. That's when I decided that I wanted to help others transform their lives too.


I have transformed my life through a combination of lifestyle and personal development and help others to do the same. My approach is very holistic and I help my clients turn around their lives through a combination of nutrition, exercises, lifestyle and personal development.

To lose yourself is to find yourself

I had always been very much in tune with who I was and in the essence, I hadn't changed but I did lose myself. But losing yourself, quite often, is just what you need because it stimulates you to go look for yourself, it stimulates growth. I am convinced that everybody deep down knows who he or she is supposed to be but that we lose the connection with ourselves along the way. And this is okay. It can be painful but I necessary to fuel your growth process. Live is a journey of exploration, it IS a continuous process of growth but he who resists fo fights it will inevitably pay the price.


Genuine, compassionate and driven

Because of my personal experiences, I am enormously driven in helping and supporting others in their transformations. It is not my job, it is who I am and it is my ami to help as many people as I can live fulfulling lives. This intrinsic drive enables me to go a bit further than a regular coach. I'll accompany you on your journey through all-in hydride coaching. With me it is not so much about having periodical life coaching consults, it is about the daily process of growth. I'll help you get the maximum out of this process. You feel that you really have your own personal coach who understands you and who is really putting in the effort to help you create the life you want..


How can I help you? 

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