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Gain insight into the impact of stress on your health

lifestyle assessment


Chronic stress can have a huge impact on a person's overall physical and mental health. Using Firstbeat 's Lifestyle Assessment​ can I you  provide insight through cutting-edge technology  the impact stress really has on you. By means of a multi-day sensor measurement you can see:

  • How is the balance between stress and recovery during your day?

  • How qualitative and restorative is your sleep?

  • How does your lifestyle affect your energy balance?

  • What your fitness is really like and whether your exercise is enough for long-term benefits

what it is

Sleep and Stress

lifestyle scan

Through a multi-day  measurement with an HRV sensor gives you insight into:

  • Stress and recovery balance

  • energy balance

  • Sleep time and recovery capacity

  • Physical fitness

  • Impact movement and sports



You will receive a detailed report of your measurement and an analysis report in which I explain my findings.

•     Reporting your measurement (View an example here )
•     Analysis and feedback report 
•   (Evaluation interview via video call)


how does it work?

special total price 300,-


you request the test and receive the sensor

As soon as you have registered for the scan, you will be sent or handed over a Heart Rate Variability sensor at home  to get. We choose a start date and you receive a login for the system.


the measurement

Then you start the test on the agreed date. You will then wear the sensor continuously for several days. You only take it off while showering. During this  days you also keep a diary.



At the end of your test period, send the sensor back. I will download the data, analyze it and make a report of it. This report will be sent to you.



During a telephone or video call you will receive  feedback and advice and can you  asking questions.


and now you...

Experience shows that this test provides extra awareness  creates. We know what stress does to us but for the first time you can really see this. This often makes an impression and ensures that people make some adjustments in their lifestyle from that moment on. 

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