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Master the art of high performance working

what is it

An interactive 4-hour workshop focused on creating the routines, mindset and systems that go with a high performance way of working.

This interactive workshop is designed to teach participants to work and think differently so that they can maintain a high level of working in a sustainable way. To ensure lasting results, this workshop focuses on the following three things:


  1. Creating intrinsic motivation

  2. Create a new mindset

  3. Providing the tools and tactics

The goal of this workshop is to help the participants master and integrate what they learn. By first focusing on creating intrinsic motivation we increase the chances of success. A new way of thinking will help them bring about sustainable behavioral change and by providing them with the "tools and tactics" they can transform this into a lasting new way of working and living.


  • More overview

  • Less sense of overwhelm

  • A greater sense of control

  • Higher productivity, effectiveness, and quality

  • A greater sense of accomplishment

  • A lower "mental load" and therefore less stress

The skills and mindset that participants will learn will not only contribute to productivity and quality of their work but also benefit mental health and employee satisfaction.

the program outline

before the workshop


pre-workshop enquiry

Prior to the workshop day, participants will receive a short questionnaire by email.


I do this for two reasons.


1) By asking them upfront questions about what they are up against or need help with, you increase engagement.


2) The input of the participants helps me to better tailor the program to specific needs.

workshop day program


introduction to hpl working

The success of a workshop or a coaching program depends on the commitment of the participant. To encourage participant commitment, the first part will focus on creating support.


the 5 elements of "high performance working" explained

This section contains the theory that underlies the assignments we will do. I will introduce them to:

- A High-Performance Mindset

- Time and energy as productivity tools

- Deep work vs shallow work

- High Impact Activities

- Productivity routines


assignment 1. define your "high impact activities"

This is the first step of the practical part. In 5 steps, I will help participants turn what they have learned into concrete routines, tools, and systems.


assignment 2. define your limits and conditions

This section focuses on setting boundaries and conditions for communication for the purpose of increased focus.


assignment 3. create your weekly schedule

The participant will create a weekly template of their ideal week based on their job responsibilities, time and energy management, and High Impact Activities.


assignment 4. create a to-do management system

The participant will learn how to set up and use a system that will give them more overview, control and therefore peace of mind.


assignment 5. create a new method and routine for working

Finally, the participant will learn how to use certain routines and habits to start using the above systems and ensure that it has the greatest effect.


beware of these pitfalls

Finally, I will address key pitfalls that can keep one from being successful in implementing and integrating what they have learned. There will also be room for questions.


follow through 

We conclude this program with a piece of homework and a challenge in preparation for the return session

the return session


online check-in group coaching session

During the live session, participants created a weekly schedule, a to-do management system and a routine. In addition, they received some homework. To make sure that what was learned is converted into a sustainable new habit, I organize this online return session. We do a short recap and spend all the time for questions, experiences and tips.

additional supporting material

To support the program, participants will receive the following materials,

  • E-book "How to become an action taker"

  • Slides with assignments

  • 3x reading tips

  • Recording of "How to create a to-do management system"

key data and price

The total program consists of one:

1x (online) workshop of 4 hours *

1x Follow-Through live online group coaching session of 1.5 hours

Supporting materials


*The workshop will be given online unless otherwise agreed.


Number of Participants:

  • Minimum number of participants. 5

  • Maximum number of participants 30


€2,587.50 excl. VAT

would you like to know if this could be a good fit for your organization?

I would be happy to help you make an assessment of whether this is of interest to you and what the best option might be. I am happy to invite you for an online introduction and consultation

about me

Until 2011 I worked in financial services. I was not happy, had a destructive lifestyle, experienced a lot of stress and little satisfaction and weighed almost a hundred kilos. Until I got burned out.

With the help of personal development and lifestyle I recovered in a record time of 3 months and underwent a complete transformation.  

My personal experience with the themes I teach means that I do my work with conviction and energy. As a former personal trainer and lifestyle coach, I have studied all aspects of lifestyle such as sleep, stress, nutrition and exercise. As a life coach I can put this in a different context and help people develop the mindset and behavior that helps them make sustainable change. My comprehensive approach and view is also known as High Performance Lifestyle Coaching.

As a coach, trainer and online course creator I am committed in every possible way to help people get the most out of their lives in a sustainable way. My teaching style is pragmatic and interactive with an emphasis on results. Expect an energetic, stimulating workshop in which you are taken step by step in making a blueprint and an action plan for your High Performance Lifestyle.

  • HBO International Business and Languages - Entrepreneurship

  • Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment Coach

  • MBG Functional Nutrition

  • Fitvak A - Fitness

  • EFAA Mental Coaching

  • Start2Move Breathing, Sport and Stress

  • Tony Robbins - Ultimate Edge Program

contact us to see if this is something for your organization

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