A roadmap to recovery


I know from personal experience how painful and desperate you might feel and that you have no clue about how to help yourself recover. I do! I know how to help you recover and I will help you turn this situation around and make it into your biggest win yet! 

how my experience will help youu

I learned a lot from my own burn-out and after a lot of reflection, growth, and education I have poured everything I know into a structured program to help people like you recover from burn-out but also grow in the process. I will give you a clear road map and I’ll coach you in-person as well as online. You’ll get access to my online coaching platform and all the tools you need. I provide you with regular feedback and help you take a step towards recovery each day. I’ll be your personal coach, your mentor and your guide in this process. Take a look below to learn more about the program.

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the 5 pillars of recovery

Burn-out comes from a prolonged period of chronic stress which has wreaked havoc on your physical and emotional resources. Basically, you have drained them completely. Your body and mind need time to recharge and your system creates spaces for this by pushing the emergency button: burn-out. 

Because the body has been under stress for quite some time, lifestyle guidance through nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindfulness are all vital in your recovery. This is why lifestyle is an important part of the program. We first need to help you body recovery so that there is space for introspection, reflection and personal growth which are important for the future.




Personal Development


what does the program entail

I will coach you through the whole process. Not only will we have periodical in-person coaching sessions, but I will also support you online and you will always be able to contact me.


  • Life Coach Consults

  • Check-in Consults

  • Online Coaching 

personal coaching

Turning all your new-found insights into a sustainable lifestyle that will make you happy is the real key. I'll help you do this.

  • Implementation and creating of lifestyle


To help your body and mind recharge you will receive coaching and guidance on lifestyle as well. This will consist of:

Coaching and guidelines on:

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise and activity

  • Sleep

  • Lifestyle

physical recovery

Reflection is a very important part of recovery. Through my online coaching program, I'll help you structure this process and get all the insights and lessons you need to get.

Supporting Online Coaching program:

  • Reflect and get insights

  • Provides you with structure and a clear roadmap

  • Will help you implement lifestyle changes

  • Regular feedback on your recovery.


the process

When you decided to do this your roadmap will look something like this. Of course, not much can be said about the duration of the program because this is highly personal but I will make sure you get all the tools and support you’ll need to recover as quickly as possible and responsible.

The first thing we will do it to get a good sense of the situation. You’ll fill out a questionnaire first and during our first intake consult, we will dive a bit deeper into this. Next, I will give you some advice which you can start implementing immediately and we will start the program.


intake and evaluation

Lifestyle will play a big part in your recovery so we first have to get a grasp of the status quo. We will do a Lifestyle Assessment to do just that. Through a combination of a 5 day Heart Rate Variability measurement and lifestyle diary, we will get more insight into our stress levels, your sleeping quality, and your habits. We will use this to create awareness and to help you identify areas of attention. 


lifestyle assesment and evaluation

Based on the severity of your situation I will give you an initial advice to immediately create space for recovery. This might mean calling in sick or reducing working hours if work plays a factor.  It is imperative that we do this because you have gone passed your limits and your body and mind really need space right now to recharge. 


create space and recharge

Based on the severity of your situation I will give you an initial advice to immediately create space for recovery. This might mean calling in sick but if work place a factor. It is imperative that we do this because you have gone passed your limits and your body and mind really need space right now to recharge. 



As soon as you feel less overwhelmed and feel that you have to space to breath again, you will notice that you can slowly think more clearly again. This is the moment that we will start to reflect on what has happened. This is a very important process of the program because it will help you get all the insights you need and it will identify areas of attention and give you indications of what might need to change.



Now that you have a better understanding of what happened you can start to look ahead. By now you probably have an idea of what needs to change. These can be external factors like changing job/positions, ending a relationship, etc but it can also very well be that YOU need to change. Most commonly, it is a combination of both. Burn-out is not fun but I can promise you that if you go through this process right, you will come out a better person.



You are fully recovered and now you don’t need me to know more! Or maybe you have decided that you want to turn around your life and take a different road. If this is the case, I would like to point you towards my Life Design program. That’s is just your thing!


and now it is up to you!

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I didn’t really know what to expect but I decided to go into the process with an open mindset and I was very pleasantly surprised. My personal growth was very depended on awareness and acknowledging a problem and through this process, I have made great progress and eventually got back to work within 3 months.

Ri Butt

He is very professional and a honest person. I had a major setback in life and I implemented his advice and am now in great shape. I really appreciate that Shorombo took the time and checked up on me. I look forward to catching up with him on a regular basis and value his feedback. He is a great life coach!


Shorombo is the person that puts thoughts and actions in perspective. He is very perceptive and is able to formulate a 360 degree view on the topics or issues you raise. Moreover as he is a true athlete that all comes with an energy that is highly engaging and motivating, giving you the direction and energy you need to make the changes you need in you personal and professional life.

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