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How do I as a Holistic Life Coach make sure that I stay healthy and in a strong mindset?

How do I as a Holistic Life Coach make sure that I stay healthy and in a strong mindset? Here are my tips:

1) Prioritize sleep

is vital for many processes among which your immune system. So, the first step I do is to make sure I go to bed early, I have an unwinding routine to relax before I go to bed and make sure I support myself for the highest quality of sleep. No alcohol before bed, no caffeine after 3 pm, no high-intensity workout in the late evening and no late-night snacks.

This is how I do it:

  • At 9 pm I am starting to wind down.

  • I do a body scan and meditation

  • I review the day by writing in my journal Go to bed

2) Adopt a Food Mindset

A food mindset is something I always work on with my clients. What does it mean? It means that you have to start looking at food differently. There is so much talk about hygiene and disinfectant but there is NO TALK about the one thing that matters most. Your food. Focus on eating nutritious, prioritize buying food, preparing food and eating food. Food is your number one defense against all diseases. Staying healthy is your defense.

This is how I do it:

  • I fast between 7 pm and 7 am

  • I drink lots of water

  • I drink ginger tea with lime juice, red pepper, and turmeric

  • I cook healthy meals and focus on vegetables and variety meals are: high protein, lots of vegetables, good fats, few carbohydrates

  • I incorporate fruits into my break. Berries are especially good for you because they contain lots of antioxidants.

3) Adopt a mindfulness practice

It is easy to live in a state of fear these days but chronic fear and worry are detrimental for your health and your immune system. When you are in these states your immune system is put on the back burner because it doesn’t have priority. During these times, this is the last thing you want. There are several ways you can alleviate fear and one of the easiest ways is to adopt a meditation and breathing practice. Yoga might be one of the best solutions now because it combines mindfulness with breathing and movement.

This is how I do it:

  • I wake up and begin my day with a guide meditation

  • I do a Yoga routine by using the app Nike Training

  • I write in my journal to set my focus and intention for the day

  • I prepare breakfast and lunch while listening to something inspiring (mostly Ted Talks)

  • I eat breakfast

I have always been very conscious of how I go about my days because I want to get the best out of myself on all fronts so this is nothing new for me. But this maybe new for you. I am here to tell you, this is an opportunity. You can use these troubling times to create a routine that will pay dividends long after we have emerged from this crisis. Now is the time to double down on a healthy routine!

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