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3 Steps to a positive mindset during crisis

We are amidst an unprecedented crisis and now more than ever it is important to take control of your mindset. But how do you do this when fear and insecurity reign supreme? Here are three steps that will help you get out of fear into a more constructive mindset.

1) Restrict your information diet

Immersing yourself in all the news that is spreading will have one effect: It will make you fearful. It doesn't add anything to your life and it can paralyze you. Yes, you need to know some things but you don't need to expose yourself to all of the newsfeeds all day. Restrict your information to the things you really need to know. You don't need a play by play report, you need a summary.

2) Focus on that which you can control

You can't control what is going on in the world and focusing too much on that which you can't control will leave you feeling helpless and disempowered. The antidote is to turn your focus on everything you can control. I think this short Ted Talk explains very clearly what empowerment is and how you can harness it.

Next, in step 3, I will show you a practical way to put this into practice.

3) Get into a growth mindset

How do you turn your focus on that which you can control? By asking the right questions. Start with asking yourself these questions every day when you wake up:

How does this help me grow
What can I learn from it
What opportunities are there for me.

In every crisis there are opportunities but you need to have a certain mindset to be able to see it. This goes for crisis-times but also for times of prosperity. Now is the time to cultivate a new way of thinking, a new mindset. It will help you get through this crisis but it will pay dividends long after.

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