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There is something wrong with you..

love yourself

There is nothing wrong with you! And there never was or will be. You are not perfect and of course there are things you would like to change or improve on but this is part of your journey. Thinking you are not good enough, thinking there is something wrong with you. Those are very toxic thoughts and will cause anxiety and stress which in turn are very bad for your overall health.

See it this way. You are who you are because this is who you need to be right now. You, as a person, have your own journey, a path to follow which will help you become more you. In turn you also have your own challenges to help you grow. Therefore there is never something wrong with you. You are exactly the way you are because this assures that you learn what you need to learn. Do you get what I am saying? Maybe not but that's okay. This is one of those things you will hear more than once before you get it. Maybe today you got it, maybe tomorrow you'll get it or maybe you won't get it ever. That also is okay;)

You are awesome!

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