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The law of money and love

money and love

You have probably heard about The Secret and the law of attraction. And if you have you probably have an opinion about it. Whatever your opinion is about the subject doesn't really matter. What does matter is that whether or not you have read The Secret you keep reading. I am going to write about how to get rich and find the love of your life. No, not really but maybe this awareness will help you forward on your journey.

The key is in how we talk and think about it

When talking about money and love you can see some simularities. We talk about getting money, taking money, making money. We also talk about love in a similar way, getting love, making love, searching for love. What do all this have in common? That money and love are external things outside of yourselves and that we can actively obtain them. They also come from an egocentric place. Nothing wrong with egocentric, it is only natural to think about yourself first but it comes from a needy kind of wanting. But the point is that it is about the wording. There are clues in languages.

In search of richness and love

You probably know a lot of people searching for love and riches. That pretty much seems to be the norm. But there are two other very interesting words we use when talking about money and love: earn and attract. You don't make money, you earn in. Think about this difference. You need to earn money and how do you earn this? To offer something of value. And to be of value you have to become more than you are now. Same goes for love. You don't get love you attract love. See the difference? One is active the other is passive. One is focused on something outside yourself and the other focused on you. And to attract the right love you need to become attractive to this person. How? By finding out who you are, by becoming more you. Only if you are truly you you will attract whoever fits you. Makes sense right.

Focus on becoming

The take a way of this article is this. If you want more of either money or love focus on becoming more. Invest in your own personal development and I am not talking only skills. Geting to know yourself is where your journey starts. Everything will change if you dare.

Good luck!

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