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Tony Robbins' 10 tips for an happy relationship

Valentine's day has passed but it is not just one day of the year that should be in the name of love. It is the full year around.

Read the following tips of world-renowed lifecoach Tony Robbins. But don't just read them. Ask yourself, what does he mean by that, what does it mean to mean, do I recognize this, and how does this help me?

  1. Never question the intent or the identity of the person with whom you’re in a relationship with or the nature of the relationship itself. Just because you’ve experienced a problem today doesn’t mean the relationship itself is a problem.

  2. Don’t correct your spouse. Instead, interrupt the pattern in a fun and effective way.

  3. Don’t get stuck in a repetitious pattern. If things aren’t working, change your approach — your perception, actions, responsibility frame, etc.

  4. Never threaten the relationship.

  5. Commit to CANI — constant and never-ending improvement — in your relationships. It’s the key to fulfillment.

  6. Each day, take pride in your consistent ability to notice, appreciate, and compliment all of the great, wonderful, fantastic, awesome, exciting and unique aspects of your partner.

  7. Never compare your relationship to that of others — a sure formula for disaster.

  8. Remember that all upsets with another person are rules upsets. Decide to value your relationship over the rules. Create a fun pattern interrupt that you and your partner can use in order to change states easily.

  9. Reinforce your sense of connection through positive anchors such as family rituals or annual traditions.

  10. Decide that it’s more important to be in love than to be right.

Happy loving!

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