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Go with the flow?

We have all heard the phrase "go with the flow" but what does it really mean. Does it mean YOLO? Does it mean you have to give into whatever life's throw at you and be content with that? I think a pastor at the church where I was summed it up pretty good. During the dialy meditation session he told the story of a pastor's theory about life. The pastor in the story believed that everyone, from the day of his or her creation, is instilled with a soulpurpose. This soulpurpose guides us through life like a compass. He told the story about a guy that complaint that he struggled with maintaining his course in life and said it felt like he had to really force himself to stay on track. The pastor said: whenever you tend to stray from your soulpurpose there emerges a voice in your head which is telling you to alter course. But do we listen? A lot of us try to "stay on track" while everything is telling us to alter course. I think most of us recognize ourselves in this story and I know this voice very well. The more you listen to it, the better you hear it. But I more often than not I see people fighting this voice, trying to ignore this voice, do anything but to listen to this voice. Do you want to go with the flow? Do you want to know what makes you happy? What your purpose is in life? Just stop and listen... And then go with the flow 

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