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3 things you most do to get out of the rat race


A lot of people these days are caught in the rat race. Somewhere along the line they start running with the pack without really knowing their destiny. Suddenly they find themselves in a job they don't like, making the money they once dreamed of without knowing how to make themselves happy. How come?

In my opinion this starts very early. When we are still little kids in school we are not stimulated to find what we like to do, to learn about ourselves and discover our uniqueness. We are schooled in things that makes us useful along the road. We are taught that we should learn something that will help us sustain in the future but we are at no point told to find something that makes us happy. Or maybe you are lucky and your parents did tell you but meanwhile they whole society around you told you differently. We were raised to produce, be useful. And when we finally reach this point we start to consume. For a lot of people this is what they do, day in and day out. They produce and consume, work and buy, work and spend. But that doesn't make them happy because they are not doing what they love, their are not engaged in what they do and face it, most of us work 30 hours or more a week. Think about it what it means when you are doing something you don't really like or have any affinity with for the greater part of your week. That sucks right? Well, that's why a lot of people's life suck.

But how do you get out of this? First you need to become aware of how you live your life. Be honest with yourself, do you enjoy what you are dong? Are you really happy with your life. Be honest because only then you can start to change things. If the answer is no, now you need to convince yourself there is another way, that it doesn't have to be like that. If you don't believe it is possible to change you will never find a way. It is absolutely critical to believe. And finally you will have to decide that you are going to find a way no matter what. Don't ever ever give up and you will indeed find your way to your happiness. I believe in you, I can see your potential. Now can you?

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