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Find strength in adversity

I just read a post of somebody on LinkedIn who was so thankful of finding a job after being out for work for 20 months. You might all be celebrating for him right now but the first reaction I had was sadness. He described the 20 months as hard and sometimes infuriating. Especially that last word told me that he missed out on a great opportunity. He slipped into an unproductive state. I know from experience how hard it can be but I also know that if you use it right this is a fast track in your personal development and can really change your life. You will go through a while lot of pain, frustration and hardship but make sure you learn from it so that they can help you get ahead. Afterwards you will thank them because they helped you grown. The thing that I want to give you is that you must learn to find opportunity in every situation, even the worst and hardest ones. Growth is not always pleasant but the possibility is always there. Go harness your power now!  

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