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Are you living a life in line with your values?

My word of the day today is congruent. The definition of congruent means: "in agreement or harmony with", which I find absolutely fitting for what this article is about. To live congruently is to live in harmony with yourself.

I have always tried to live in line with my believes and values and luckily those have always been very strong. But there have been plenty of times when I have favored rationality above my gut feeling and ended up in stressful situation of which the most obvious being a total burnout. Recently I have become more aware of the fact that my actions are becoming each day more congruent. Everything starts to flow together. My actions and words are more and more in line with who I am and where I am planning to go and this is awesome!

We all have certain goals, views of the world and personal values but sometimes our actions are not in line with what we believe. We are not congruent. This causes stress, inner-stress. You consciousness overrode your unconsciousness and decided to ignore your values for something that you feel is worth it. This happens to us a lot. We trust our consciousness a whole lot more than we do our subconsciousness. This is how were are conditioned in the western world. But I believe it is your subconsciousness that serves as your guide and you should really learn to listen to it. So starting today, try to become more aware of your actions and words and try to determine whether they are in line with your believes and values, whether they are helping you toward your greater goal. It helps enormously when you know what you are about and what you stand for. It gives you focus and drive. So if you don't already know then now is the time to dive into some personal development and start discovering who you really are.

Good luck!

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