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Your destiny is calling

I believe everybody has a calling, a purpose, something they are supposed to do in life. Your destiny is calling, it is calling your attention. If you listen to it, try to ignore it or deny it it will start calling louder. This might manifest itself in roadblocks on your path, hardships, challenges, etc. They are either signs that you should shift your path or to help you grow into what you need to be. Not everyone will find their calling. Not everyone will listen to their inner voice, and that's okay. Maybe not everyone is destined to live out his purpose in this life. But if you feel an urge, a drive, a passion  you can't explain, listen to it follow your path wherever it leads. If you feel that something is missing, that life has more for you in store, listen to it and go on the journey of self discovery. If you feel these things, you are blessed because your destiny is calling. 

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