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for whom

For everybody who feels stuck in life and can’t seem to find the way up. Are you feeling demotivated, 
lackluster and have trouble dragging yourself out of bed every day to go to a job you don’t like but can’t seem to find the energy or the creativity to change it? Then this is definitely for you. I’ll help you open up your mind again and find out what is it that you like and create a roadmap to get there. Let's go!

You’ll get access to an integrative and interactive online personal development program. Everything I have learned and apply on a daily basis I have poured into an online coaching program. I have structured it so that you’ll have a clear road map and can easily follow the process. You’ll get more insight into who you are, what you really dream of, how your ideal lifestyle would like and would you can do to get there. We’ll dive into this even further during our regular coaching sessions. Furthermore, I will support and coach you also online. The program is customized to your needs and wants. If you really want to work towards a new and better lifestyle, this is it!

why i can help you

As an experience-expert, I am in a unique position to help you. I have been through what you are going through but I have also made it to the other side. I know how to turn it around and there is nothing else I rather do that helping others towards a more fulfilling lifestyle. I am very passionate about this because of my personal experience and I think my strength comes from the fact that I really care and are really committed to helping others. It is my mission to help as many people create a lifestyle what really fulfills them. With my ever-positive and can-do mindset, I’ll help you get more insight, motivate you and give you the tools to transform your life.

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what you get

the program

You are the architect of your life, this is your masterpiece and you decide how you want to shape your life. This is a process and it will take time, effort and patience but you are in charge. I offer you an interactive course to guide and accelerate this process. You’ll get access to an online personal development course supported by online and in-person coaching. Through assignments, reading tips, podcast, video’s, etc, I will totally immerse and give you a clear and fun way to turn it all around. Are you ready?

this is what the program contains

Through a set of assignements, we will create a baseline to see where you are now in life.

lifestyle evaluation

Your lifestyle is often a reflection or an effect of your inner world and self-worth. Through seemingly unrelated topics as how you eat, sleep, exercise and spend your days we will further enhance the process.


You'll get access to my online coaching environment and participate in a personal development course.

  • Access to the online coaching environment

  • Assignments to reflect, gain insight and develop yourself

  • Reading tips, inspiring video's, podcast and other supporting media

  • Ongoing online coaching and feedback

an online personal development course

Through the program, we'll have both online and in-person coaching contact. This will further strengthen the process.


  • Life Coach Consults (60-90min)

  • Check-in Consults (30 min)

  • Online Coaching 

  • Videocalls

Life coaching

made to fit you

Life Design is a made-to-fit program so that will perfectly align with your goals, needs, and wishes. Together we will look at which themes to tackle, what pace suits you best and on what we will focus first. You can also decide on how many supporting coaching sessions you would like to have monthly. Do you want to know how your program would look like? Don’t hesitate to contact me. I'd love to look at how I can help you!

the process

To know what we need to focus on, we need to know more about your current situation. This part of the program is focussed on questions like: where are you now? what is making you feel the way you feel? what do you miss perhaps, etc. We are going to create a picture of what it is you want or don't want.


Module 1

get insight

Awareness is fundamental to any change. During this phase, we are going to focus on fostering this awareness. We are going to reflect on why you are in your current situation, on which areas you might be sabotaging yourself, etc. I am going to help you become more aware of this so that you can create space for change and growth!

Topics we might address are:

  • Self-image and inner dialog

  • Limiting believes

  • Self-sabotage

  • Fears and insecurities

  • Mindset


Module 2


This is the fun part! Now that you know what you want and what you don't want, have gotten more insight into your drives and are more aware of your behavior, we can start designing your ideal life! Through exercises and assignments, we are going to create a blueprint for your new life. What you will get:

  • An idea of the lifestyle you want to create


Module 3

design your new life

Now that we know what your ideal life would look like, we are going to think of how you can get there, it is time to really get to work. We are going to create a clear and practical road map to get you towards your goal. I'll help you create a strategy for implementation and evaluation so that you stay flexible but focused. Periodically we will assess your process and adjust if needed.


module 4


Are you ready to create the life you dream of?

I'd love to help you do just that! This is such a great process and I'll promise you, you will feel energized as hell. Bok and discovery session below and let's discuss your situation.

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