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A structured approach to real change

Getting sustainable results is all about changing your habits. It is a daily process and you need a structure to help you do this. This is why I developed my hybrid coaching programs. It is not enough to only see a coach once in a while. If you really want to transform your life in a way that will last you have to work at it daily. I will give you the tools to do just that!

what are hybrid coaching programs

Hybrid coaching programs are programs which combine the best of two worlds. Through an online learning and coaching program, you'll have a framework and you'll receive continued support. Through in-person coaching, I can help you dive deeper into topics and help you apply what you have learned! Because of this approach, I can offer you a structured and integrative program which brings both coaching tools to another level. You’ll get a much more effective program which will help you get results much faster at a better overall investment. 

All-encompassing and interactive

When developing the online coaching programs I had one thing on my mind: to find an all-in solution that allows you to create real lasting behavioral changes. I have poured everything I know in my online programs. You’ll get access to my online coaching environment in which you’ll get assignments, video and audio material, recommendation on articles, books, apps, and so much more. Furthermore, I’ll provide you the structure to go through this process and get the most out of it. You will get everything you need! Are you ready? 

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how does it work?

My coaching programs consist of an online learning and coaching program and in-person coaching consults. During our first meeting, we will get insight into your current situation and your objectives. When you decide to go forward with the program, you’ll get your own log-in to your account. You will get access to a course and I will provide you with feedback and coach you online during this period. Through reflection and awareness assignments, supporting media and information, tips, life hacks, and other tools I will help you transform your life step by step. In short, you will have access to everything I know!

My programs are focused on taking action. You will work towards your goal on a daily basis and I will be there to support you all the way. The advantage of the setup that I use is that by combining online coaching with our in-person sessions, our face-to-face meetings will be so much more effective. The reason for this is that I have much more context about your situation because of the assignments you do and our communication during the month. This allows us to laser-focus our meetings. If you are ready to really get to work and are looking for a practical and result-oriented approach then this is something you will like!

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