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ready to take your life to the next level?

High Performance Lifestyle Coaching

You want it all. Enjoying the good things life has to offer, presenting at your highest potential, financial freedom and relationships that fulfill you.

You are already successful on many levels. You run a successful company or startup,  are a true entrepreneur in some form or an ambitious and driven professional.


But you notice this is at the expense of your health and perhaps your relationship. You experience constant stress, you have started to develop bad habits and you just know that it is not sustainable this way. 

What you need is a High Performance Lifestyle.

A holistic lifestyle that helps you get best out of life

With a High Performance Lifestyle, the approach is to live at the highest level in all areas of your life.

To get the most out of yourself without compromising your physical or mental health, you need a lifestyle that supports your ambitions. This is what they call a  High Performance Lifestyle


The ultimate goal is to help you design a lifestyle that helps you get the best out of your life in all areas

Optimal mental and physical health

Maximum focus, clarity and decisiveness

Satisfaction from what you do

Satisfaction from what you do

A strong mindset

Relationships that fulfill you

Yes, I want this!

"Recouped the investment in the coaching program fivefold! "

After working with Shorombo for 3 months, I had already recouped my investment fivefold! We have made some great progress. Very curious to see what the next 6 months will bring

- Bart -

the process

When you decide to do this, your roadmap will look something like this. Of course, not much can be said about the duration of the program because this is highly personal, but I will make sure you get all the tools and support you'll need to recover as quickly and responsibly as possible.


We take stock of your current situation

First, we need to get a good idea of what you are struggling with. We map this out thoroughly through an intake. Then, we do a full Lifestyle review. I want to know what your life is like, what you think, do, eat, and drink.


we do a complete  lifestyle assessment

Then, we do a full Lifestyle review. I want to know what your life looks like, what you think, do, eat, and drink.

We look at:

  • Sleep quality

  • Energy and stress balance

  • Mindset

  • Lifestyle


we design a way of living and working that works

After identifying your current situation, I'll design a personalized roadmap and program aimed at fostering lasting changes. The objective is to cultivate a lifestyle that aligns with your preferences, one that you desire and are able to sustain, ultimately enabling you to achieve your fullest potential.


We implement our plan

Through a combination of coaching on behavior, routines, lifestyle and mindset, I will help you lay the foundation for your new lifestyle.


we consolidate the changes

You have laid the foundation for your new lifestyle and you are already experiencing enormous improvements in your energy level, your focus, your effectiveness and your state of mind. Now it's time to make this lifestyle permanent.


you have become a high performer

You are a new person. Your lifestyle is no longer a limitation but rather an important tool in creating more success, happiness, and satisfaction. You notice that you function better both professionally and privately, and that is paying off. You are a High Performer.

"Shorombo is open, honest and straightforward. He doesn't beat around the bush. "

- Janne Blankert -

Shorombo's coaching has brought me a lot. What I could no longer see I quickly regained clarity in my mind through the honest and pleasant coaching sessions.

During the process he also helped me to quickly take action again. I have now taken the first steps that I could only dream about before the coaching.

are you ready to take your life to the next level

Could this be what you have been looking for? If so, click the button below, and let's explore together if this suits you and the best way to begin.

You want it all. To enjoy the good things life has to offer, to live at your highest potential, enjoy financial freedom, and have relationships that fulfill you.

Yes, I want this!

Who am I

I have not always been a coach . Until 2011 I worked in financial services. I was not happy, had a destructive lifestyle, experienced a lot of stress and little satisfaction and weighed almost a hundred kilos.

Until I got burned out.

With the help of personal development and lifestyle I recovered in a record time of 3 months and underwent a complete transformation. 

Before and after professional.png

I lost 25 pounds, quit smoking and decided to go back to what I really wanted and said goodbye to my old life in financial services.

Since then, I've been on a mission to help as many people as possible create a life that truly fulfills them.

I know from experience what impact lifestyle and personal development can have

Because of my personal experience with depression, burnout, and being overweight, I know the negative impact that a bad lifestyle and chronic stress can have. However, I also know how lifestyle, mindset, and personal development can help you completely transform your life! That's why I'm incredibly passionate about what I do, helping people like you reach new levels by creating a lifestyle that optimally supports them.

Would you like to know what I can do for you?


what do my clients say?

why should you want my help?

Because I understand you. I understand that you want to get the best out of your life and go for it. I share this DNA. Everything you're going to learn, I'll do myself. I also want to get the best out of myself. But I also know that to do that you have to create a lifestyle that supports this.

And I can help you develop it like no other.

An experience expert, health coach, personal development expert, life long learner and life hacker as your coach and mentor


Do you want to know what I can do for you?

Coaching can change your life and you really have nothing to lose. So if you've come this far, but you're not sure if you're going to go for an introductory meeting, do it! This one decision could change your life forever.

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