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build go-to-market strategy for online coaching programs

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I have so many cool assignments and projects that would make so many students really happy. So if you recognize yourself in this or you know someone, especially share.

You get:

All freedom and responsibility to do it the way you think it should
Coaching in the field of personal development and effectiveness
Part of my personal learning environment. Everything I know and learn, you get access to
You are rewarded based on results so SKY is the Limit.

What kind of person am I looking for:

A student or recent graduate with an entrepreneurial and ambitious attitude.  I'm looking for someone who understands that this is an incredible opportunity. Not only do you get all the space you need to practice with what you have learned, but you are actually developing your skills in real life. This knowledge and this experience alone is super valuable, but you will also be rewarded for it! In addition, you immediately have your own coach and mentor. Who can say that?

The assignment:

I am currently specifically looking for someone who will help me formulate, implement and tweak a go-to-market strategy for my online coaching programs (3x). You get access to all the resources I have and you get the space to learn and experiment. If you master this trick, you have not only learned something that you can replicate 1000x for others, but you have also created a good source of income for yourself. 


I hope my story matches what you are looking for. I would like to get in touch to see how we can fill this in.

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