Health transformation program

What is it?

A tailored,  made-to-fit program aimed at helping you create a sustainable health transformation. 


This integrative program focuses on all aspects of health to help you create the behavioural change you need for sustainable results. You'll get guidance on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and mindset. Through a combination of online and in-person coaching and training, I'll help you not only get the results you want but most importantly help you create a lifestyle to support long term health

what you would get

Find out if this is something for you

How would it work

First we will review your current habits and lifestyle.  We need to know first where you stand.


lifestyle scan and assessment

Based on your goals we will create a plan of that suits your possibilities. 


create a plan

By combining online coaching and training with in-person sessions I am able to offer you an integrative approach. Your program may consist of:

  • Training- or exercise program

  • Nutritional program and monitoring

  • Digital Health Program

  • Online support

  • Personal Training (Online and/or in-person

  • Lifestyle Coaching


combining the best for lasting results

are you ready?

Would you like to know if this is something that could help you? Just leave your details I will contact you for a free discovery session

- An exercise program and support through Online Personal Training

- Personal Training

- Nutrititional Guidance 

- Digital support program consisting of:

+Lifestyle Integration Tips

+Information on nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep mindset and behaviour 

+ Weekly check-in

- Lifestyle Coaching and support to help integrate your new lifestyle

- Continous online coaching