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I help you Turn your coaching processes into coach-accountable workflows

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Are you new to CoachAccountable but already have onboarding flows, courses, and other coaching products? Do you want to learn how to transfer and set them up in CoachAccountable?

As an experienced user, I can assist you in translating your existing products into CoachAccountable and making the most of all the necessary features.

A few things I can help you with

Setting up client-onboading flows and automated courses

Creating packages within CoachAccountable

Help you utilize Courses in CoachAccountable

How would it work

To begin, we need to assess your current status and establish a roadmap. In our initial call, we will examine your existing processes and strategize the optimal order for setting them up in CoachAccountable. While CoachAccountable offers extensive capabilities, it can also be overwhelming for new users. Don't worry, I'll assist you in developing a clear implementation plan, guiding you step by step to get started swiftly. Additionally, we will explore the features of CoachAccountable that can enhance and streamline your service.

do it with you

My role is to not only assist you in getting started but, more importantly, to teach you how to use CoachAccountable on your own. Instead of a Do-it-for-you service, we will engage in a co-creation process. I will guide you in utilizing CoachAccountable while also assisting you in setting up your coaching flows.

who am i

I am a coach like you, but I have been using CoachAccountable for years. John would call me a power user because I use CoachAccountable in ways most users don't.

I love utilizing technology and integrations in my coaching, and I am always looking for ways to elevate the service I provide and enhance its ease of use. Furthermore, I have the skill to translate ideas into implementation.

I would love to learn more about your business and see how I can help you.

Let's schedule a call to find out and get you up and running!"

let's schedule a call

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