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recognize the signals

It is a good sign that you are reading this. That means that you are already looking for a solution. A crucial thing in preventing a burn-out is to recognize and acknowledge the signals and take action. But this is exactly why it is difficult because most people are not consciously aware of the fact that they are heading for a burn-out until it is too late. With Burn-out Prevention we try to be one step ahead. That’s why creating awareness is the first thing. So if you suspect that you are heading for a burn-out, please don’t hesitate and do the test. I will take a look at your answers and give you my honest feedback. You can then decide what to do with it.

Do you want to know if you are at risk?

the 5 pillars

When we are talking about prevention or recovery of burn-out it is very important that we look at health as a whole. This is why the program is built around 5 pillars of health. Through proper, healthy nutrition, daily exercise and activity, good quality sleep and a supporting lifestyle we will support your body and mind in their recovery and through personal development and reflection, I will help you extract all the lesson to be learned and create a better future. 




Personal Development


what  the program consist of

the Process explained

Below you can get an idea of how the process would look like. Of course, it is hard to say how long each case will take because this highly depends on the person and the specific situation he or she is in. 

After filling in a quick questionnaire about your current situation, we will start with a discovery session. During this session, you can tell me all about your situation and we will go a bit further into the information that you have already provided. With all this information and the right context, I will give you advice on how to proceed.



Before we’ll start we need to get a good picture of your current state. I will do a Lifestyle Assessment on you consisting of a 5 days Heart Rate Variability measurement and nutritional and lifestyle dairy. This way I will get insight into your current stress balance and -load, your sleeping quality, exercise, and nutritional habits and mental state. Now we have all the information and context we need to get you started and on your path to betterment.


lifestyle assesment and evaluation

Based on the information I have gathered I will give you advice. In most cases, this means taking a step back which might mean calling in sick. The first step is always to create space for recovery. Your mind and your body have been giving off signals that it is overloaded so it is vital to heath those signals now.


create space

Burn-out is usually not something that happens suddenly, pressure had probably been building up for a while now. Unknowingly we have been putting a strain on our resources and have completely emptied them out. I am going to help you recharge.

Now that we have created the space, your body can start recharging again. This part of the program will focus on physical and mental recovery. You will get nutritional and exercise advice, lifestyle coaching, etc to help support this stage of recovery.



As soon as you can breathe again and feel like your energy is returning and you can think more clearly again, it is time to think about what has happened. This is a very important stage of the program as this is where reflection takes place which probably contains some valuable lessons for the future. This also leads us to the final phase.



Now that you have gotten more insight into what and why it happened it is time to look at your life and what might need to change. These can be substantial changes in external factors like changing a job but it might also mean that YOU need to change. Burn-out is a very painful ordeal but more often than not it is followed by great personal growth. This might be the starting point of a new lifestyle!



You don’t need me to know more! Or maybe you have decided that you want to turn around your life and take a different road. If this is the case, I would like to point you towards my Life Design program. That’s is just your thing!


and now it's up to you

schedule a call now

A 30 minute session either in-person or via (video)call during which you can ask me anything and find out what you can do to prevent a burn-out.
Burn-out Prevention Consultation
30 min

First, we will get a better insight into your current situation and lifestyle through:

A measurement of

  • Stress balance

  • Sleep quality

  • Fitnesslevel

A review of 

  • Lifestyle

  • Nutritional habits

lifestyle scan

Helping you create a supporting lifestyle to help you physically recharge

Guidance and coaching on
•    Nutrition
•    Exercise
•    Sleep
•    Lifestyle



A supporting online coaching program which will help you:

  • Reflect and get new insight

  • Provide a structured roadmap to recovery

  • Help you implement better habits

  • Daily online coaching support​

online coachings-program

Supporting 1-on-1 coaching sessions

  • Life Coach Consults

  • Check-in Sessions

  • Online Coaching

personal coaching

Ik wist niet wat me te wachten stond, maar heb me open proberen op te stellen en ben daardoor eigenlijk blij verrast. Mijn groei was afhankelijk van het leren erkennen van een probleem en daar ben ik gaandeweg erg in geholpen en stukje bij beetje beter gemaakt.

Ri Butt

Shorombo is een heel professioneel en eerlijk persoon. Ik ging door een hele zware periode in mijn leven en door al zijn advies te implementeren ben ik nu niet alleen fysiek maar ook op andere gebieden een andere persoon. Ik waardeer het enorm dat Shorombo de tijd heeft genomen voor mij en zelfs zonder te moeten af en toe navraag doet naar hoe het gaat. Ik onderhoud regelmatig contact met hem en kijk hier altijd naar uit. Ik hecht heel veel waarde aan zijn feedback en pluk er nog steeds de vruchten van.


Ik wist niet wat me te wachten stond, maar heb me open proberen op te stellen en ben daardoor eigelijk blij verrast. Mijn groei was afhankelijk van het leren erkennen van een probleem en daar ben ik gaandeweg erg in geholpen en stukje bij beetje beter gemaakt.

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